I was super impressed with the IDF article about micro-moments. Nowadays people spend much more time during mealtime in restaurants compared to 2004. Why? Maybe the quality of life is better? Or the average prices for food are cheaper? How it can be relevant to UX? The answer was pretty simple - because we all have smartphones. We are going to a restaurant to eat, but before we have to check facebook timeline, Instagram, answer some messages, see funny videos and only after that we are ready to make an order. Life changed a lot during the last 10 years.
So what the heck are micro-moments?
Regarding google “the moments when you turn to a device—often your smartphone—to take action on whatever you need or want right now. They’re the I-want-to-know, I-want-to-go, I-want-to-buy, and I-want-to-do moments that are loaded with intent, context, and immediacy.”
Why it’s important to user experience? Because micro-moments are “critical touchpoints within today’s consumer journey.”

To leverage micro-moments Google suggests concentrate on:

Ok, Google. How to take advantage of these micro-moments?