In October 2022 I was invited to join the NFT team as a Visual expert.
I was interested in Web3 and saw this as an excellent opportunity to learn more.


My Role: 
Design Lead, UX Designer.


My responsibility was:
  • Analyzed the market and defined the visual NFT character
  • Hired illustrators and art directing them
  • Creative brainstorming
  • Visual design work planning and estimation
  • Website design
  • Collaboration with marketing team and provision of all required promotional materials.
Market analysis. Main character creation.
To gather information about a market within an industry and understand what motivates potential customers, we conducted market analysis.
Then we conducted a visual review of the successful projects and created a list of characteristics of the future character. The decision was to create a unique fantasy female warrior with an appealing appearance and flexible body.
Read Alvara Epic Story
Alongside the development of the character and its legend, we worked on hero categories and characteristics using the Miro for team collaboration. The full collection included 5 categories and it’s 10,000 unique NFTs.
5 illustrators from various parts of the world were involved in the project. My responsibility was to art-direct them based on the characteristics we developed with the team during the visual analysis sessions.


The example presented a preview of the 3 categories out of 5: Cool, Hot, and Glorious.
The style guide development.
In order to maintain a cohesive and recognizable brand identity, the style guide has been developed.
The mode board and the fragment of the style guide.
User-friendly website design. Visit the website
Based on competitive analysis and market research, an easy-to-use, responsive website was created. The user is able to find all the information about the project and includes the answers to frequently asked questions.
User-friendly website design
Marketing support assets
The project has been actively promoted through social networks with an emphasis on Discord.


Within the Alvara NFT project was planned:
Womens human rights, social project Famous women of the world” (was successfully conducted via Social Media)
NFT game using playtoearn models
Alvara’s world VR concept
The comics concept based on Alvaras story.
The banner for one of the "Alvara story" chapter Discord promotion.
The illustration project "Famous women of the world".
Alvara's world VR concept (based on Alvara's story).
The comics concept (based on Alvara's story).
I found the project to be both interesting and challenging at the same time. The highlight of all that was working in a hectic environment and taking a product from being an idea to an NFT collection.
• I improved my management skills tremendously by hiring and working with 5+ illustrators worldwide.
• I explored new marketing channels and marketing strategic approaches.
• I considerably deepened my knowledge about crypto technology and its opportunities.


Looking back on all the work done on this project, it’s clear to me that we are still in the very early stages of establishing a design language and associated paradigms for Web3 technologies.
Web3 is still a pretty new phenomenon and people either don’t understand Web3 or distrust it – or both. However, it certainly has a large potential in different areas of life.


P.S. Unfortunately, the project wasn’t launched due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. The development team was located in Ukraine.